Dynamic Fire

Experts at minimizing risk of fire to your property

Testing & Maintenance
Dynamic Fire can assist building owners and occupiers to meet their responsibilities in relation to the maintenance of essential services, and to ensure that installed equipment and systems provide adequate levels of safety over the life of a building.
Dynamic Fire can provide training in the use of portable fire extinguishers and other equipment.

If you require specific training on evacuation and emergency procedures, Dynamic Fire can tailor a solution to your needs.

Building Compliance
Dynamic Fire assists in the preparation of compliance reports, maintenance of installed equipment and systems to relevant standards and frequencies, maintenance of service records on site and the identification of modifications necessary to maintain compliance.
Annual Fire Safety Plan
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We recognise that your needs are specific to your organisation, and we have the flexibility to implement a solution that meets those needs.

People, Experience, Resources

We hire the most talented, experienced and passionate people.
Our service personnel, technicians and support staff are equally qualified and experienced.

Call Management

Calls are answered directly by our service office and logged into our Fire Mate system. Then an on-call service technician is notified for immediate action.


At Dynamic Fire, we are committed to maintaining and continually improving the health, safety and welfare of our employees, our clients’ employees and members of the public on our clients’ sites. All of our staff have completed hazard control and risk identification training.

Our Sales and Service center is available 24/7


How it works

Dynamic Fire uses the FireMate Service Management System based on the latest in remote communication and PDA’s (Personal digital assistants)

  • FireMate is an integrated service inspection, testing, prevention and reactive maintenance, survey and certification management system which plans, tracks and reports fire equipment and ensures that fire equipment testing and maintenance is carried out in accordance with contracted obligations and relevant standards, enabling documentation necessary to providing the Annual Fire Safety Statement.
  • FireMate provides accurate, auditable records. Clients can interrogate our data directly to asses our performance in meeting service obligations.
  • Enables comprehensive asset registers, by location, records on who performed the service and when, details the faults and defective issues found.
  • Detailed reports ensure full accountability and verification to clients, property owners and insurers. The summary reports are suitable for use by management and clients.
  • Support single or multiple sites, local or interstate. Follow up service requests can be issued from the field.
  • Issue of annual fire safety inspection certificate / statement.
  • FireMate ensures that building owners, managing agents, facility managers, employers and managers can prove that essential services have been maintained to relevant standards and frequencies and that compliance reporting is managed to meet local government regulations or legislation..

Organisations and managers responsible for fire safety and maintenance are under increasing pressure to ensure that all maintenance is not only carried out, but that accurate and auditable records are in place. FireMate and Dynamic Fire provide that solution.

Evacuation Planning

Dynamic Fire can design an evacuation plan to
ensure the best and safest exiting of a building for all


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The team at Dynamic Fire are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a quotation so that you can see how competitive and efficient our services are.